Data Centers and Third Party Maintenance

IT leaders are finding data centers and third party maintenance to be a perfect match. We don’t mean in a Bachelorette TV knockoff kind of way. What we’re talking about is referred to as a strategic partnership—for which we’ll use this Forbes article’s definition: “Another business with whom you enter into an agreement that aims to help both of you achieve more success.”

Not sure how a maintenance company can come to the table with insight and enhance your data center? Let us count the ways.

Great Break/Fix

You can’t come to third party maintenance without expecting a great troubleshooting and break/fixsolution. Having a quality IT support provider on board means no more spare parts to manage and no unexpected costs from critical hardware failures.

Staff time also goes further. Although it’s possible to troll support boards or sit on the phone with OEM engineers, a break/fix capability like Park Place’s is much more efficient. We offer immediate access to Level 3 support with no escalation procedure. We also supply multi-vendor support capabilities and an online portal for tracking all the hardware details. The end result is no digging up contract information and product IDs, no deciding which support provider to call, and no waiting for response based on OEM-defined severity level.

Unbiased Insight

IT organizations face an onslaught of sales pitches in many forms. They come from OEM sales staff, but also more obliquely, from support engineers who frequently swear whatever problem is being experienced would never happen with newer equipment. The trade rags and blogosphere are also awash in information about sexy new hardware, most of it very tempting.

A third party maintenance provider can be a resource in this information jungle. The best companies can support a wide variety of OEM systems, making them extremely knowledgeable about the relative merits of different hardware solutions in different situations. Because they have no skin in the game regarding a client’s upgrade decision, they can deliver unbiased input about a particular server’s or storage array’s useful lifespan (which isn’t always the three to five years commonly quoted) and the market’s most affordable, powerful, and easiest migration pathways.

Financial Advantages

Hidden in the details of the comprehensive contracts offered by Park Place Technologies are significant budget upsides. Not only do customers save 40% to 70% off OEM support costs, they enjoy full-service maintenance, including remote monitoring, 100% component coverage, certified spare parts, immediate Level 3 support, on-site assistance by “their own” account engineer, help with software and firmware issues, and additional engineering time for non-break/fix issues. Add in the fact that we are a leading global, multi-vendor support company and you arrive at some interesting advantages:

  • Optimized hardware lifespan. Simply squeezing years out of hardware isn’t the answer. An optimal lifespan balances the CAPEX for new equipment against energy, space, spares costs, and other considerations for keeping hardware in place. A knowledgeable third party maintenance provider can help you find this sweet spot on a case-by-case basis.
  • Proactive maintenance.Routine maintenance tasks often get sidelined when crises arise. Outsourcing IT hardware support, however, ensures that these items get checked off while internal staff focuses on the problem du jour. As a result, systems remain reliable and operate at peak performance for longer.
  • Strategic gains. When a provider assumes responsibility for preventative and corrective maintenance, a companies’ internal staff can focus more attention on growing and innovating IT. This helps shift the balance of effort and expenditure away from Core IT and into the realm of Fast IT.

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