IT in Australia: Flat Budgets Make IT Maintenance Savings Paramount

Australian companies are far from alone in their struggles to reallocate budget and attention to pressing differentiation initiatives, but recent reports warn more problems may lie ahead.

As a global provider of OEM-alternative IT maintenance services in over 140 countries, Park Place Technologies is helping numerous enterprises and data center operators in Australia overcome key hurdles to uptime and digital transformation. Recent reports about the digital future and expected economic challenges in ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) demonstrate just how important such options for server, storage, and networking support have become.

The Biggest Barrier is Often the Budget

What does hardware and O/S maintenance have to do with digital transformation? Well, it’s difficult to advance strategic projects if too many resources are being devoted to “keeping the lights on.” Australian companies are far from alone in their struggles to reallocate budget and attention to pressing differentiation initiatives, but recent reports warn more problems may lie ahead.

After benefitting from 26 years of economic expansion, Australian CEOs are growing concerned about a decline in growth prospects, according to PWC Australia. Deflating confidence is generally accompanied by shrinking budgets, so Gartner predicts CIOs will soon face pressure to slow digital investment. Already, 40% cite insufficient funding for digitization, so cutting back from there will hurt.

The timing for financial straightjacketing couldn’t be worse for Australian incumbents. The country has so far benefited from relative isolation, as many of the global big-hitters have concentrated on other markets. This has enabled a conservative approach to digital transformation in Australia, but those days may be ending.

Accelerating disruption is now demanding heightened focus on innovative business models. Alibaba has built a data center in Australia, Amazon has launched services, and other prominent, experienced digital leaders are making inroads, which could devastate Australian businesses unprepared for this level of competition.

The Gartner report makes clear that, according to its surveys, too many Australian businesses remain unprepared. Largely content to use digital technologies for optimization purposes, they must soon seek ways to offer enticing digital products and services, their budget woes notwithstanding.

Third Party Maintenance to the Rescue

Against this backdrop, turning to an alternative, non-OEM partner to maintain enterprise hardware and respond to issues as they arise offers multiple advantages:

  • Immediate OpEx savings. Park Place, for example, guarantees to slash at least 50% off any OEM maintenance contract. These funds can be immediately redirected to strategic initiatives.
  • Extend hardware lifespan. Consistent maintenance is essential to keep equipment operating at peak performance, but Park Place goes one better. We support products longer than their own makers will. With no “end of support life” timelines to worry about, customers are free to keep hardware in service for as long as it is delivering value and to delay capital investment in replacements. It’s just more found money for the enterprise.
  • Improved uptime with less staff time. Park Place also delivers maximum uptime. Our ParkView automated maintenance system leverages machine learning to help detect faults at their earliest stages. Customers save time they would otherwise spend troubleshooting, hunting down product details, and hanging around on the phone with support engineers because ParkView automates the key functions. What’s more, our expert field services technicians arrive quickly, spare parts in hand, to rectify the problem. All clients have to do is open the door. IT employees can keep their attention on the true business drivers.
  • Personnel savings. Having access to a full bench of experienced hardware engineers means clients don’t have to undertake the expensive effort to build such a structure. As a result, Park Place can help clients achieve staffing-related savings as well.

For companies in Australia and those considering doing business there, the right IT maintenance partners and outsourcing solutions will be a key to success. For more information about what Park Place has to offer in ANZ, request a quote below.

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